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near the suspect have been safely removed. >> why did you shoot him? any time there is use of deadly force by police officers, it's a long investigation and that will go through the investigative process. >> based on the information that we had, we believe that it was -- that the hostages' lives were in danger. >> where was he shot? >> i don't know the answer to that? >> [ inaudible ] >> i don't know the order in which he went down and the explosive device went off. >> was he becoming more agitated? >> we were talking to him for several hours and he had a wide range of emotions during the discussions. >> and what was the [ inaudible ] of the discovery building? >> i don't have all of that information but i know that he had some history with the folks at discovery channel and i believe in fact that there -- that he was arrested here a couple of years ago and so we -- there is some history between he and the discovery folks i don't have any information on the condition suspect. i don't have any information on the condition of the suspect. it was just a few minutes before the shooting h
to move ahead relatively soon with their bond sale, said they were interested in having us have this approved at this meeting. if it is your pleasure that we come back, we can do that. commissioner buell: if it is two weeks, and we can express the sentiments of the commissioners, i think they make a very good point. i don't think we can object if everything goes well, but we should put provisions in case things don't go well. if you want to just take that sentiment back and if there's anything you want ad, now is your time to express it. >> i would like to see if we can get this thing worked out. >> i am on vacation at the next commission meeting. we would be looking at september, and i am not sure if that is a time frame that works for the staff at the public utilities commission. commissioner buell: i think general manager ginsburg can represent your point of view and we can express sentiment. it is impossible, we should know more about why it is impossible. >> fair enough. thank you. commissioner harrison: just to my fellow commissioners, should there be some point at which f
at that time. >> can you confirm that the entire building is evacuated now? >> no, i can't. >> can you tell us where the suspect is? >> no. >> still on the first floor? >> anything more specific? >> no. >> can't answer that. >> are there any injuries that you know of at this point? >> there's still no confirmed injuries. no reports of any injuries that have been brought to my attention. >> you won't tell us things basically because you're afraid that he'll hear about it and it will disturb the negotiations? >> a couple of categories as far as negotiation. some parts of this information we just don't know. some parts we don't want to release because it may affect how we're treating this situation. thank you. >> thank you. >> just listening to an update with captain starks from the silver spring police department there. as you can hear, very guarded in the information that he's willing to release, but off the top saying that they are negotiating still with this individual. tom costello is still on the ground there. tom, and you've made this point from the very beginning to be careful because thi
this be it? show us your pictures. bill: let's hope this is not it. see you tomorrow, bye bye. jenna: hi everybody, hope you're off to a good day so fark i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm off to a good day. i'm jon scott, top box, a live look at the white house, president obama meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin nath use hoo, later today, we'll meet with mahmoud abbas, palestinian lead. what.sides are saying about peace in the middle east. jenna: just days after sanctions against knot korea, there's word the rogue nation has made a direct move to evade them. what the north is accused of doing. jon in the bottom box, the power of sarah palin, she backed joe miller in alaska's senate primary race and the virtual unknown candidate took down the incumbent. what does it mean for palin's political future? we're right here in the fox newsroom, breaking news coming in from across the country, our domestic desk, watching local news, our world desk watching events around the globe and our media deck, bringing you event sos we can watch it immediately. jen earl is prompting evacuation orders, folks
-week vacation and drive back to maryland tonight. >> rented a big house and they kicked us out this morning. >> reporter: a group of friends who planned to spend the week in this house is now on the road to canada. >> we're heading back to >> reporter: 18 hours? >> yes, straight. >> reporter: today, the one road off the island was a slow-moving mess. >> they won't let us stay. >> reporter: the storm is fearsome and still forecast to but state officials worry it >> there have been times when people have sworn to us it's not going to touch us and within three hours it's right on top of us. bottled water, generators and 300,000 peoples to north carolina and massachusetts. >> we could see watches and warnings continue to move up the east coast. that's why it's so important for residents to have an evacuation plan ready to go if the orders are called for. >> reporter: fema says residents from north carolina to maine should look out for storm surge. a moving wall of water that could do terrible things to low-lying areas, highlighted here in blue. this is cape cod. in the path of earl, and home to
streets and they said, nobody comes out here and does anything for us. and so i'm bringing my 300 pair of skatings, my family, my friends, we're going to go out and do a free thing for these kids who have a fiscal responsibility, it seems like they don't want to work with them, the people that's trying to do things out there, they're not like college educated and smooth and suave. they don't go to these meetings. they just have a will to try to do something. i showed them how they could get the wood to get their roller rink built. i didn't think they were going to make it but they did. so i'm out here now, i'm going to help them out and do my thing. do you know they probably have never heard of bocce ball? these are your underprivileged kids that we all stand up when we want something. i'm sure that bocce ball is a very exciting thing. but i bet you i couldn't find 100 people who know what bocce ball is and this is a city of 700,000 people. still, i've been around rned -- around this lot a long time. i know that $63,000 is a rare thing, not -- it's a rare thing when people come with a
be obligated to provide under this. is there anything in this agreement that precludes us at a future date from negotiating with them if we thought it was a viable entity to put a separate operate noort restaurant? >> there's nothing that would prevent us from requesting that. there's subcontractor language in here. >> i understand they wouldn't be obligated to do it but there's nothing that would preclude us from pursuing it? >> no. there's subcontracting language in here for a number of reasons . what you just mentioned is the possibility and i also put it in here in case they want to bring in a full fledge program. president buell: let's open it up to public comment. >> we do have public comment. sandy, bo and richard. if you could come forward, please. >> former president of the united states golf association. i've been playing golf for 85 years. i am acutely conscious of what golf can do for people who get involved in it. acutely conscious of what harding can do for this city. i'm acutely conscious of what the pga tour's involvement now has done for sure, but now will do in commission with
evacuated. >> moments ago, police alerted us that that guy did die from his gunshot wounds. we are hoping to have more information. meanwhile, downtown silver spring, a chaotic mess. in and out of the downtown area here have been closed as police deal with this situation. they're still in the building. checking out any further possible incendiary device. >> it operates cable and satellite net works in the united states including tlc. >>> complete coverage continues with sky eye chopper 13. and captain mike perry live above the scene for us. >> we heard derek say that the suspect had been shot. the police armored personnel was facing the opposite direction a few moments ago. we saw three tactical officers walk into the building. we did not sigh anyone that looked like a civilian or hostage, walk out from this side. and this is the georgia avenue side. it is unclear at this point where police have evacuated those hostages. apparently still an ongoing situation. because whatever the man had strapped to him, they are treating as if it were a potential explosive device. and that is why they ar
in his demands on the internet that humans are not necessary. we've got with us, derek bartlett, a former s.w.a.t. team member and sniper team member. hopefully the information is correct. everyone is out of the building. this is not a hostage situation. if that is the case, you have an individual, he's armed, he may have explosives. how the s.w.a.t. team who's in contact with him hopefully get him out of there safely and end this? >> well, if things are where they are right now, hopefully you contain him, you contact him, you talk to him. and you give him a chance to air whatever grievance he has and hopefully give up peacefully without injuring anyone in the building or s.w.a.t. officers or himself. obviously the goal is to get everyone out alive. >> absolutely. and if all of the individuals in that building are out, he's in there alone, he's got the microphone, if you will, in that he's in contact with authorities. and at this point, do they simply listen? and the urgency of getting innocent people out of there, it doesn't seem to be the case. . >> we're going to try to talk to him and
as the announcement was made. thank you very much for being with us, miss. tell me what you heard and where you were. >> we were at the deck, i was at my desk on the 5th floor. the 5th floor is digital media department. >>shepard: when stuff. the side that is the website of discovery channel. go ahead. >> yes. we heard an announcement there was an "incident," and everyone was to find an office and lock themselves in it but we did not do that because there were, people were just milling and and i was looking out the window and i saw 20 police cars roll up and ñ-what looked like a bomb trucko me and i saw this guy getting all geared up with, like, bullet proof vest and strapping on this gear with like an automatic rifle or machine gun and he walked like under where i was, my window is right above where the lobby is, where this is going down. >>shepard: can you see the lobby from there? >> it is directly below. i cannot see in. and they brought the k-9 units. so, i'm pretty much, i am standing outside and i can see the lobby and all we can see is people milling around inside. i recognize some security
went on there. >> at this time i was not in view of it so i can't comment on that. >> can you tell us how many shooters there were and was it just one shot? >> i'm sorry. what was the question? >> how many shooters were there? snipers were there? >> i don't know yet. that is still under investigation. >> the suspect in this case was arrested as a result of a protest, i guess, at discovery in february of 2008. as a result of that arrest, he was charged with disorderly conduct. he was convicted and serve ad ten-day sentence for disorderly conduct for the protest he did here. he was taking homeless individuals and paying them sum of money to protest with him at the site of this building. as a condition of this probation in 2008, he was ordered to stay at least 500 feet away from the discovery building. his probation ended two weeks ago. >> david, do you expect to be back open for business tomorrow morning? >> we'll be communicating with employees later tonight. it is an active crime scene. >> [ inaudible ]. >> at this time we need to get back to the command post. we thank you very much.
. they announced in the building, and then they took us all through the garage. >> and do you guys work on staying in a place and security comes to get you. >> yes. >> reporter: some employees learned about the incident when they returned from lunch. >> i was in the atrium and at a meeting at 1:00 and just about that time i was told that there was a gunman in the lobby. >> the effects rippled outward concerning families and people trying to get somewhere. >> first of all my husband works at whole foods so i'm worried if the bomb does go off, he could be effected. and second of all i'm trying to get to see my family in dupont circle and i can't get to see them. i can't leave here. >> why? >> i can't cross the street or leave this side of the street. i'm stuck over here. >> reporter: students at nearby blair high school were released after the incident had begun. a concern to some students. >> i think it was within the radius for -- for some sort of notification. i guess it's like two miles away. so they -- they should be able to at least notify us there might be some sort of transportation issue. >
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)

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